" A clean home is a happy home "

Welcome to The Housewife Way

The Housewife Way’s mission to create surroundings that inspire happiness and enrich your life.

We believe that everyone should have a place where they can hide from the stresses of the outside world and recharge their battery. By giving a holistic based service The Housewife Way will create an inviting, clean, chaos free home, that has a positive impact on your well-being. Encouraging better sleep, productivity and inspiring a better way of living.
We aim to take away all the hassles and worry of maintaining a home to be proud of, so everyone can relax and enjoy precious time with loved ones and doing activities that enhance their lifestyle.

Why Hire a Cleaner

Life is busier than ever these days. Long hours spent at work. Looking after our children or being a carer for a family member. Not to mention making sure we exercise 3 times a week and eat a healthy balanced diet.

Making time to see friends and check in with family regularly is a rare occurrence, and time for yourself to relax and recharge your batteries is nonexistent.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to be able to do and be everything. Someone once said to me. “You can have it all. Just not all at the same time”. Well what if you could?

As entrepreneurs, we know that we cannot do everything. We outsource our book keeping to an accountant. Our admin to an admin assistant or Virtual Assistant. We employ a web designer to build our websites. Why? Because they know what they are doing and can probably do it twice as quick as we could ourselves. It is a way to manage our time more efficiently so we can build our businesses.

So why not outsource your household chores so you can have that time to do the things you want, with the people you love. Whether you want regular weekly or fortnightly help, or just an occasional spring clean, getting a cleaning service is not only practical, it can be a lifesaver.

Returning home, knowing you have the household chores to do can put you in a bad mood, making you feel down, tired and over whelmed. Now imagine how you would feel if you knew when you got home the house was clean and tidy, the ironing was done and maybe even your evening meal was prepared so all you had to do was pop the oven on and have a nice relaxing bath after work. Or after a long week you knew you could socialize with family and friends without that nagging feeling of ‘I should be doing the ironing/cleaning’

Hiring a cleaner is a fantastic option for so many reasons, and is sometimes a necessity, not a luxury.

Our Services


(prices from)
£ 30
  • Whole house clean including:
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living Areas


(prices from)
£ 40
  • Full house clean
  • One room deep cleaned


(prices from)
£ 50
  • Full house clean
  • One room deep cleaned
  • 1 hour of ironing on premises
  • linen changes
  • meal prep once a week


(prices from)
  • Clean of house 3+ times a week
  • One room deep cleaned
  • 1 hour of ironing on premises
  • Weekly linen changes
  • Meal Prep every visit
  • Load of washing per visit

What We Offer

The Housewife Way offers a bespoke housekeeping service where each package is tailored to the individual clients needs and wishes. We take great pride in delivering a high level of service each and every time and we have in place the following 7 point Guarantee.

Our 7 Point Guarantee

  • We will always arrive in uniform.
  • We will always arrive when agreed.
  • Each client will have a tailored checklist to make sure all needs are met.
  • A client’s home is always treated with respect and confidentiality.
  • We will communicate regularly with past and present clients.
  • We will provide a high standard of customer service.
  • We will always re-do any aspect of our service you are not satisfied with.

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