Kitchens Are Made For Bringing Families Together

We use our kitchens in many ways today. It is fast becoming the main family living space, where we congregate and interact with each other. Most people now have a table in their kitchens, allowing them to use this space as an informal dining area, homework/office space, art and craft/baking area and play area daily.

By being used this way, our kitchens are fast becoming the heart of the home, and we need to look after and care for our heart. Feng shui-wise it is the most important part of your home, that nourishes and sustains life.

This area needs to be a space you feel good in. Choosing the right colour and theme for your kitchen will have a big impact on the mood of this area.

Cream is a very calming colour and can give a sanctuary-like, safe feel that is homely and comfortable. Particularly for families where the kitchen very often becomes the heart of the home.

Blue, especially light blue, gives a feeling of tranquillity and calm. Combine this with warm wood tones and accessories for a homely and warm feeling

Yellow creates a bright, energetic feel to any sized kitchen. It is also a colour associated with summer and happiness, giving a kitchen the feel of an enjoyable and social place where people want to spend their time.

Once you have the mood and tone right for your kitchen it needs to be a space that needs to really work and multi-task for all its uses. Good organisation will really help your kitchen to flow from use to use. And good habits will help you keep the Heart of your Home clean and organised.

5 Top tips for kitchen space that nourishes the family

  1. Keep the kitchen simple and do not overload it with gadgets
  2. Placing a bowl with fruits, a vase of flowers, or a living plant on your kitchen table, windowsill, or wherever the layout of your kitchen allows, will bring a beautiful uplifting energy to your kitchen
  3. Keep clutter at bay by creating places for everything to belong. Train yourself to always put things away in the designated container, basket or cupboard
  4. Keep Surfaces clean and clear, by tidying and wiping down surfaces after every use
  5. Keep the kitchen well-lit and ventilated. So it is bright and airy

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