The Heart Of Your Sanctuary – Your Bedroom

The bedroom should be the oasis within your sanctuary. The place where you can truly relax unwind and forget about the day.

It should give off an air of calm peace and tranquillity.

Using Max Luscher’s colour test theory, the most relaxing colour is green. It is the colour of balance and gives the feel of comfort relaxation calmness and space. Compliment green with violet and lilacs to avoid balance and harmony becoming inactive and indecision.

Everything else is the room should be minamal and compliment the atmosphere. A bed side cabinate should be unclutterd but personnal. A framed family picture, the book you are reading. Flowers give an air of freshness and candles give a warm glow in the cold winter evenings.

Remove anything that brings stress into the bedroom. Mobiles, laptops, TV, paperwork etc. Make sure all clutter is removed. It is distracting and installs a sense of chaos and disorderliness. Take out all unused furniture. Hang up or put clothes away so they are not all over the floor or bed.

Make your oasis an adult only zone. No children’s clothes toys bottles etc.

Your bed should be the centrepiece of the room and radiate comfort and cosiness. It should call to be climbed and snuggled into.The Pottery Barn gives you some top tips on how to make your bed the only place you want to be after a long stressful day. When the rain is falling and the wind is howling.

As the centrepiece to the heart of your sanctuary you should always make your bed in the morning. Believe it or not it will improve your life. Being one of the first tasks of the day It will give you a sense of achievement and accomplishment when you have done it. You will feel organised and ready for the day.

By making your bed. You are also decluttering This will lower your stress levels and anxiety, and by getting into the habit every day you will slowly get into the habit of putting things away rather than putting them down. Which in turn means you will have less uncluttering to do.

Lastly by making your bed in the morning it will allow you to go to bed with a positive state of mind. Visualize yourself coming home soaked through from a torrential down pour and frozen to the bone. All you want to do id climb into your warm comforting bed and relax. But wait. You can’t. There are books scattered on the bed. Clothes everywhere. As you push them to the floor you feel worse and lower in mood.

Now imagine The same scenario, but instead you come home and your bed is made, clothes are neatly hung and you only have the book you are reading. You can take off the sodden clothes (putting them into the washing basket). Climb into your bed clothes and snuggle down into the warmth and rejuvenating comfort of your bed.

Remember. Making your bed in the morning is like giving yourself a gift at the end of the day.

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